Home Learn Linux Linux Answers Applications How can i run linux os along with ms/os XP?
  • It depens on which distro you want to install (for example Ubuntu, or Linux Mint).

    Answered by arch_linux
    4 years ago
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  • At least ubuntu can run straight from an installation disk, without need to install anything to your computer. Downside is naturally that you can't make permanent changes as every time you start os as live version, all the old changes are discarded, but boot is fast and you can at least surf the net, without fear of viruses, trojans and other nasty stuff.

    You have at least three ways to run installed linux with installed xp.

    The most common way is to install XP and after that install linux from the install/live cd that typically makes an boot menu for your computer, where you can choose which os to use. This naturally requires some unused diskspace in your computer. Linux installers can usually shrink your existing xp disk partition a bit smaller, so that there is enough room to install linux in that free space. Naturally if you add a new empty disk to your machine that works too.

    Other ways are to use virtualization, like free vmware player, that can run other OSes on top of existing one. Like I'm using Ubuntu 64b host os and on top of that I have virtual machines for xp 32b, windows 7 64b and preview of the windows 8 64b. Don't plan to play new action games this way, but with multicore cpu this works suprisingly fine, with no or just a little performance penalty.

    This way you use the host os (for me the ubuntu 64b) disks to store virtual machine data, typically at least 10GB/machine.

    You can naturally run vmware player on xp host os too with SP1 or SP2 and install for example ubuntu to a virtual machine. As xp is 32b os I'm not sure if you can run a 64b virtual machine on xp. But at least 32b ubuntu (and all other 32b linux distros) should work fine.

    Answered by LassiRytela
    4 years ago
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  • On you linux box download vmplayer from vmware. Either create a new vm with xp installed or get vmconverter from vmware and do a physical to virtual conversion of a windows box.

    Answered by dkiel
    4 years ago
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  • Extremely simple, first install XP after that install Linux OS. Though it is also possible to install linux first and then XP, but u have to edit the bootloader in ChainLoader section. I am not going to explain the whole procedure.... hope u will know the rest of the task.

    Answered by rechil_colin
    4 years ago
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  • Hi Stephen,
    You must have MS XP installed first; then you install a linux distribution (from a DVD is easier) like Ubuntu or LinuxMint on the DVD slot and follow the instructions of the installation program (very easy to perform) ; but the really delicate part is the disk partition ; the best solution is to chose a division of your hard disk into three partitions, for example half the capacity for XP and the other half less a special smallpartition devoted to extra-memory of twice the memory of your computer for Linux (2 Go or 4 Go if you have 1 or 2 Gos of internal memory. File format to select is not that important for a beginner. Best choices are those proposed by the install program. Frankly, this is the best solution in my view for a beginner, because modern linux distributions are so easy to use nowadays ; tell us if it worked, and good luck, Dan.

    Answered by dret
    4 years ago
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  • One easy and relatively safest way to go is to install Linux + grub on an extra hard drive. That way grub has no chance of overwriting the MBR that windows uses and if you wish to choose into either operating system by default you can set boot priority in your systems bios settings. You will need at least two available hard drives in your system to accomplish this, and preferably a third one for backing up files and sharing files between the two OS's. I know there are ways to partition and configure multiple operating systems on one hard drive, but I find my method more practical for my own reasons and perhaps you will find it practical too.

    Answered by applebloom
    4 years ago
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