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  • The Q is interesting !! See, different people has different opinions. There is no concrete answer regarding ur Q. As my point of view, architecture of Linux is different from other OS. It is Unix like OS and need expert hand to handle this OS. Next is the security is a main criteria on Linux OS. Due to this point, Softwares are not installed previously..... and that is why, u may face problem to run multimedia applications specially movie files. U may face problems to run any data card / dongle for browsing purpose. U have to ensure all dependencies & other licensing issues before running. While Windows is so user friendly where u can get almost all applications running easily at least to compare with Linux OS. That is why, Windows is getting affected by virus very easily while chance of virus attack in Linux is so less or almost nil. There r several causes behind of ur Q as well as different flavor of Linux is also one of the reason amongst them, but it is true main problem is lack of Expertise on Linux systems.

    Answered by rechil_colin
    2 years ago
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  • Standard software for your industry that only works on windows. For examples:
    I work in Real Estate. When I first started working in it, you had to use proprietary software to access the MLS. That software was only available for Windows.
    There were, still are a couple, websites I had to access to do my work that only work w/ IE running on Windows.
    For the most part, it is all done with browser based applications now that will, for the most part anyway, work with other browsers and not necessarily on Windows.
    Meeting software. Most businesses seem to use GoToMeeting. I can finally attend a meeting with my Android based phone, but I can't host one yet (last I checked). I realize there are meeting systems that work on Linux, but I am nearer the bottom of the totem pole than the top. I normally have little or no say in what meeting software system is used.

    Answered by jgribbin
    2 years ago
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  • Because decision makers in govt and business are overwhelmingly over 40; give the vast majority of over- 40 year olds a difficult problem and they'll reach for a piece of paper. They see computers as an adjunct to their problem- solving capabilities. MS Windows plays into this by making batch processing difficult to access for most users, reinforcing and encouraging this approach.
    Younger than this people have grown up with computers as part of life, and see them as the best way of doing the heavy-lifting aspects of complex data management. They're also less fearful of change, and Linux on the desktop is a change.
    IMHO, nearly all reasons usually given are a mask to hide this issue.

    Answered by Ian_Martin
    2 years ago
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