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  • The quick answer is that you don't. Other Operating Systems allow you to hack to your heart is content: such as BSD, Darwin, MINIX, and others. However, Linux is easily the most popular and supported OS of the group.

    But then again, you don't even need an open source OS to learn how to hack. My very beginnings in hacking started in Windows. The only thing is that OS's like Mac OSX and Windows aren't meant to be hacked, while Linux heavily encourages it. So, Linux would be easier, but definitely not the only way to go.

    In the end, I think your friend was only referring to how Linux does very well in teaching you to hack if you want to, but it's certainly not a must.

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    2 years ago
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  • It depends what you mean by hack, if you are thinking anonymous, then you need to understand linux because many of the systems they attack run on unix of some kind. If you think of hacking in I have this machine, what can i make it do, you need to know linux because it provides one of the easiest to work with apis, and an excellent development toolchain.

    Answered by linuxkid
    2 years ago
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  • If it is Ethical hacking then now it's OK, else if it means to cyber crime / illegal hacking then it is not allowed in any aspect.

    Answered by rechil_colin
    2 years ago
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