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  • It depends on what version of Linux you want. There is no single Linux OS. Linux is just the main part of the "Linux OS". And considering that there are literally thousands of different versions, posting all of the download links for each OS would be difficult to say the least.

    So, to save time, I would be happy to give you the link for the most popular/best supported Linux OS around: Ubuntu:

    And if you want to look around for a Linux version that suits your personal needs, here is link for a few of the major versions and their brief descriptions:

    Happy Hunting!

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    2 years ago
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  • The Q u asked not a complete statement..... See, there r so many flavors in Linux World. Some r free and some can grab by paying money. From ur Q it is not known that, either u have sufficient knowledge on Linux OS. However, guessing u r a Linux user and enough knowledge, that depends on which flavor u r most comfortable..... as of ur Q u can dnld Linux distro from their related web site and almost all famous Linux OS manufacturers provide link to dnld their Linux OS under particular banner /name like if u want to work on RedHat, u can invoke their web site and can dnld Redhat (though it is not free), if u want to work on SuSE Linux, u can go to their URL and dnld the flavor(it is not also free, but under their banner , OpenSuse is fee). Some free Linux OS is ubuntu, Fedora and so on.

    Last words, if u r a Windows user and now want to work on Linux OS, then please don't mix up both the OS. Cause they both r very much different architecture and various specifications. If u use Linux, then set up ur mind to work keenly on Linux OS.

    Answered by rechil_colin
    2 years ago
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  • I would go to, and read about many of the different flavors of Linux out there, and decide which one sounded best. It will give you links to the official sites of each Linux distribution, and also download links, which will give you choices of which specicfic download you want. Make sure you download the correct architecture.

    Answered by wmannis
    2 years ago
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