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  • Telnet, normal telnet without any kerberos, is a very insecure protocol and sends your passwords across the network using plain text: zero encryption. So, generally speaking, it is best to avoid telnet and use ssh or another, encrypted, means of connecting to your system whenever possible.

    The unrecognized service message means that the service you told it does not exist. It could be that no telnet server is on your system, that your telnet server is named something else (telnetd, for example), or that your system uses another method for starting telnet.

    Since you are on a system using "service ... start," you may also have the chkconfig command. If so, chkconfig --list will return all the services you currently have on the system, allowing you to find the name. You can search the output on the screen or by using chkconfig --list | grep telnet to see if telnet is listed. The chkconfig command can also be used to configure the service to start at boot so you do not have to manually start each time you reboot.

    There is also the possibility that any telnet service you may have is expecting to be wrapped by the extended inet daemon, xinted. You can check the /etc/xinetd, /etc/xinet.d, /etc/xinitd.d or similarly named directories for a telnet service. If there is a file for it there, you will need to edit the file to enable it and then restart your xinetd service to it listens for telnet connections, too.

    Answered by tdr
    3 years ago
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