• Ubuntu has an inbuilt firewall caled ufw. The graphical version for it is gufw. U can search in the Ubuntu Software Center you will find it Ufw is installed by default and is one of the strongest firewalls ever.
    OR u can use IPTables, the best.....
    iptables is a user space application program that does packet filtering, network address translation (NAT), and port address translation (PAT). iptables can use for IPv4/ IPv6.

    Answered by rechil_colin
    3 years ago
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  • for Linux (Desktops) a firewall is not mandatory. vulnerabilities are actively fixed in the programs rather than relying on a firewall to plug all known holes (like windows)

    The default Linux firewall is handles by iptables ( There are many Graphical frontends to aid users like Gufw

    Answered by daft
    3 years ago
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  • Yes, all modern Linux distros will have a firewall. However, just like any OS, the pre-instaled firewall will be pretty weak. If you want true security, you are going to want to install third party antivirus. And even then, your Linux box will not be bulletproof. So yes, it will have a firewall, but I wouldn't use that as my only line of defense.

    Answered by
    3 years ago
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  • You probably already have one installed- just needs to be configured.
    I don't use Ubuntu but from a quick search it appears that Ubuntu uses iptables (actual firewall and a pita to configure) + ufw -front end for iptables to simplify config.
    Check to see if these are installed else I'm sure they're in your repositories.

    Also would like to commend you for your persistence. I know- with the hundreds of distros out there- I wouldn't have wasted 4 months trying to get one to work. I would have tried to find one that liked my hardware better or wasn't broken out of the box.
    Check out


    Answered by harv42
    3 years ago
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  • Thanks to everyone for the replies. I got the firewall installed and now need to get it configured(lot more reading)but having fun learning. Till later Be happy and Have fun, who knew

    Answered by who knew
    3 years ago
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  • You can use this script shell for basic protection. Traffic from external networks is denied, but you can establish a new connection to any destination.


    # Clearing old rules

    iptables -F iptables -X iptables -t nat -F iptables -t nat -X iptables -t mangle -F iptables -t mangle -X iptables -F INPUT iptables -F FORWARD iptables -F OUTPUT

    # Security policy

    iptables -P INPUT DROP iptables -P FORWARD DROP iptables -P OUTPUT DROP

    # Rules for loopback

    iptables -A INPUT -i lo -j ACCEPT iptables -A FORWARD -o lo -j ACCEPT iptables -A OUTPUT -o lo -j ACCEPT

    # Rules for incoming traffic, allow only traffic from established connection

    iptables -A INPUT -m state --state ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j ACCEPT # Rules for outgoing traffic, allow to establish new traffic and allow traffic from established connection

    iptables -A OUTPUT -m state --state NEW,ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j ACCEPT

    Answered by roobal
    3 years ago
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  • I would suggest , iptables would be the best if u know how to configure it

    1)iptables from

    Below firewalls use of NETFILTER/IPTABLES

    2)ipcop from

    3)ufw from

    4)shorewall from

    Answered by nixsavy
    3 years ago
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