Home Learn Linux Linux Answers Desktop How can I find a basic sort program that can sort 4+ gig sized files on Ubuntu?
  • Standard 'sort' program will do the job.

    Answered by ppalucha
    2 years ago
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  • There's this program called "sort", you know.

    sort filename

    The only limitation is the amount of memory your machine has

    Answered by marc
    2 years ago
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  • What are you wanting to sort by? Start looking into the "find" commend.

    Answered by DavidChipman
    2 years ago
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  • You are not at all specific with regards to your needs. You may be wanting to sort through a video collection or some massively large text files, so the tools to do so would vary.

    Focusinging on text files, if you have any Linux, then you have all the tools to sort through files, even huge ones. Basic shell commands include read, sort, uniq, grep, cut, sed, awk, tr, and many others. Several of them work easiest if your text is formatted using some consistent patern, but even without, you can hash through them with a bit of planning of what you need to find and how you want to organize things.

    If, for example, your data resemebles a massive spreadsheet with consistent fields, it shouldn't be that hard. Read a line, grab the fields, reorganize them, etc. Or maybe you need to search and grab lines containing a word or pattern, grep can do that easily. Another option would be to load it into a spreadsheet and use it's filters and sorting tools. But, if your data is a jumbeled mess, that could one massively ugly import.

    Whatever you need to do, break it down into the smallest pieces. It's like fractions with math: lowest common denominator makes things easier. Once you figure out each step, you may realize each "step" is really a couple simple ones combined, and that's normal and very UNIX-y. UNIX has tons of tools that do one specific thing and do that that thing very very well.

    Until you provide any more information, all I can say is I hope this helps and wish you good luck.

    Answered by tdr
    2 years ago
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