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  • The number of distros supporting older PPC hardware has drastically declined because whether good or bad, the time of PPC based desktops/laptops is an age that is over. Source based distros of course still allow you to build your own, but it's possible to still find some that are less time consuming to get running:

    A quick search showed that there are some that do offer releases though, mostly debian based distros, for example Ubuntu or Linux Mint PPC:

    One thing to note is that while you will find many more distributions still stupporting "PowerPC," what they are supporting is newer than G4 hardware. For example, Fedora 18 is meant to work on IBM Power series servers and also works on G5 Macs but nothing older. Yellowdog, the former go-to for Mac owners stopped spinning releases awhile back, too.

    Answered by tdr
    2 years ago
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  • I'm no Mac expert (they repulse me) but I think the best to use is OpenSUSE

    Answered by sethradio
    2 years ago
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  • Before my PowerBook G4 was stolen, I had a dual-boot of Mac OS X 10.5.8 and Slackware (can't remember which version, but it was the latest they offered with PPC support). Slackware was was working great execpt I had some issues with getting the wireless working. Though from what I've read Slackware id for those who really know their Linux.

    Answered by Acheron
    2 years ago
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