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  • To increase your volume all you need to do is eat more and exercise less- no linux required.

    Even though you have provided absolutely no relevant information-
    Which linux distro are you using?
    which desktop environment is installed?
    I shall attempt to answer your question based on a couple of assumptions:
    1) A modern linux distro is installed
    2) A desktop environment providing a desktop and taskbar is installed

    A)If you don't see a volume icon in systray try right-clicking on taskbar and see if option to add widget or application is available.

    B) If no joy with A then look in menus for a mixer application most will put a volume icon in tray when started.

    C) If neither A nor B works or if assumption 2 is wrong then open a terminal-
    Whatever terminal emulator you have installed-
    and at the prompt type 'alsamixer' sans quotes.
    Adjust to your hearts content.


    Answered by harv42
    3 years ago
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