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  • At first, I was going to ask you to execute the following command:


    --And report the results back to us so that we could Identify your wifi card. However, looking up your Lenovo G580 at , we find that your wireless chipset is Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2200BGN

    On this page : we can use the browser find function on 2200 , your model number. What we find is that it is listed as supported under the new Debian Wheezey distribution; however, NOT under the older Debian Squeeze. (Counter example: I find my intel 5100 listed under both sections.) Your 2200 not being listed under the older Squeeze is important because your 2200 may be too new to be supported on an older distribution like Debian-Squeeze, or possibly Ubuntu 10.10 for that matter.

    The above link states that firmware-iwlwifi is the driver package, and explains how to install for Debian. Once installed, evidence of it is shown by the command

    locate iwlwifi

    Check to see if the module has been loaded:

    lsmod | grep iwlwifi

    Even if you find evidence of iwlwifi having been installed, it still may not load the drivers -- no relevant lsmod output, new chip not supported. If your 2200 chip set is too new for Ubuntu 10.10 , your best bet is to install a newer versions of Ubuntu, until you find one supporting your wifi.

    If you really don't like the newer Ubuntu after geting wifi to work, try installing the xubuntu package. Otherwise, Debian Wheezey is nearly guaranteed to work according to the above link.

    Answered by dcrunkilton
    2 years ago
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