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  • Firstly make a list of what you want to do. For every day usage that involves no specialised tasks I would recommend Ubuntu 13.04. It's easy to install even for a newbie and comes prepackaged with lots of useful programs. I could write an essay the length of War and Peace on this subject as there are so many operating systems about. Ubuntu is probably the most used Linux OS so there's lots of support for it and loads of tutorials about it on youtube. Most importantly check what your machine is capable of running- is your hard drive big enough and do you have enough RAM and processor power? If you are using an old PC or laptop Damn Small Linux will do the trick. You're asking a big question here and all I can really do is recommend a couple of operating systems I know work well. If you have a really potent PC try Ubuntu Ultimate which makes the very best of Microsoft's offerings look puny. It may be as you gain confidence using Linux that you may like a highly flexible and customizable OS such as Puppy Linux. I'd recommend Ubuntu though for the newcomer- it really does just work.

    Answered by andybrownson
    2 years ago
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