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  • This is a pretty painful and technical question to answer. One because there are so many exceptions, and also because there are so many steps involved.

    For most modern Linux distros (Ubuntu, Fedora, etc.) they come with media players. (Totem, etc.) The problem is that they only play Free formats (.ogg, as an example.) Linux distros, at least in the US and Japan, do not play proprietary codecs out of the box (such as MP4s, AVI, etc.) Nor will they play DVD's natively. Your only real choice in playing those video formats is to buy the codec. (Such as from the Fluendo Shop).

    No doubt, you will hear talk about the VLC player for Linux. There are some problems with it, however.

    1) VLC WILL NOT play DVD's natively. Now, you might be able to dig into the DVD and play each, individual VOB file, but in my personal experience, it gets messy.

    2) VLC isn't really legal in the US. Now, the reason why the US hasn't cracked down on VLC is because it is French based, in which France does not currently recognize software patents. So, America isn't going to touch VLC. It does, however, allow the playback of patented codecs without paying the royalties for them. So you are using an overseas product that brakes domestic law. Could you get away with it? Most likely. I wouldn't play the legal gambling game though.

    Hope this answer makes sense,

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    2 years ago
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  • Few years ago to keep my grandchildren happy, installed Fluendo codecs to suit my openSUSE system

    Fluendo site:

    Fluendo recently announced their Codec Pack 18, supporting GStreamer 1.0 for several Linux Distributions.

    Fluendo removed grumbles from my younger users :-)

    Answered by paulparker
    2 years ago
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