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  • I'm not sure everything you done...but in the case of Ubuntu until you get more comfortable with command line I'd suggest you let the 'network manager' handle your connections.

    If you right click on the network manager you will see an option to "edit connections". Since your office is not based on DHCP (meaning you have to manually configure your IP address, DNS, router/gateway) it would be easier for you to just set up your DSL and office LAN networks here.

    You can check to automatically connect on either one when you are changing locations.

    Answered by kryptikos
    5 years ago
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  • Just use network manager and add config there to your eth0 card to have at least one IP address configured. If you've DHCP on both ends you don't even need to modify anything. If you've a static address you can add it exactly in the same way you do with your windows machine.
    Even more, take a look at this

    or manually modify /etc/network/interfaces and add something like this
    iface eth0 inet static

    Answered by ben
    5 years ago
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  • Configuring you're network environment is some thing Linux can do perfectly unattended

    In you're Linux Distro you Should be able to map different configurations for you're all you're networks.
    wpasupplicant for wireless and ifplugd + guessnet for wired connections utilize the mappings configuring you're network for you're current location. And more (change you're default printer for example) I am sure this is plenty of information to search for a proper Howto on the web.

    Answered by daft
    4 years ago
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