Home Learn Linux Linux Answers Internet Does the government track Linux users like it does Microsoft, Apple, Google, and other users?
  • Linux is growing day by day tremendously. In present scenario, people feel more interest to work on Linux environment. It is more secured and a very powerful OS that can do jobs like Windows/ Apple Mac. But more expertise is required in this field. According to my opinion, there is no doubt that Govt track more and more Linux users like/ more than windows.

    Answered by rechil_colin
    2 years ago
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  • Linux is just the software that allows users to have more control over the processes in the machine, but the communication indeed is based on standards protocols allowing the multi platform communication. be a Linux user only represent an advantage in case you are using a strong encryption system.


    Answered by alanbalo
    2 years ago
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  • Hard to answer this question. Its a challenge to get an accurate count of linux users these days. But only way for government to track would be when you visit an internet site usually your browser sends small bits of info typically they get like your OS browswer version and ip nothing else beyond that really identifiying.. As to if government tracks linux users specifically.. Unlikely too small a user base for 1 and two so many distros. several of which are outside US jursidiction Ubuntu for example is in like south africa or something i forget

    Answered by jrspur2003
    2 years ago
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