Home Learn Linux Linux Answers High Performance What would be the reason for a dell inspiron not to accept the linux os
  • Generally speaking there isn't a reason for the inspiron not to accept Linux. Linux is pretty versatile over hardware now...especially the Ubuntu distribution since Dell has partnered with to install on their laptops at the factory. If you have swapped hardware out or installed a brand new video card that the community or vendor has not written a driver for than it could be foreseeable that you would have problems. That would be across any OS though and not just Linux.

    Answering your question is a little tough however, as you have not said what error you are seeing, whether you've attempted to install Linux, what particular distribution you've used.

    Answered by kryptikos
    7 years ago
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  • Have you ever tried with some Live CDs ? can you provide us more details ?

    Answered by ben
    6 years ago
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  • Du you get any errors??
    Please provide more details

    Answered by kunal
    6 years ago
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