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  • Well nice thing with redhat.. If something happens you have a number to call for support versus having to scower the net to find an answer if its something you cannot resolve.. If you want redhat based.. CentOS.. Its basically free redhat.

    That said depends on your needs as well.. I typically put slackware on my servers typically as they dont have hundreds of updates and remain solid..

    Debian is another solid choice as well

    All 3 have gui available

    Answered by jrspur2003
    2 years ago
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  • ClearOS is a free version of Linux based on Red Hat and is a very good distro for using as a server. Ubuntu can also be used but you need to be adept at scripting.

    Answered by dannyl
    2 years ago
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  • This is a loaded question, like what is better Xbox or Playstation. The best answer I can give, and this is advice I have been given is to research a couple of things.

    1) do you have a specific goal in mind for your server or are you just looking for a general server? I ask this because say you want a SAN. There are specific distros out there like OpenFiler and FreeNAS that are built to do just that.
    2) What is your philosophy? This is a strange question I know, but hear or read me out. Most if not all of the Linux or *nix spins out there have an objective. Like Arch I believe want to be bare bones with rolling updates and Keeping it Simple. This does not mean that it is easy to install, rather it means that it is a very bare system and without the fancy guis and such to configure it. The down side on this is there is a steep learning curve. The upside is once you get these principles you could probably switch to any distro and figure out how to do things. OpenBSD looks to be the most secure out of the box. This means that it may not have the latest and greatest software but it will be rock solid, until you install other software on top of it. Then you have CentOS which basically takes what Redhat releases strips out the branding and proprietary stuff and makes it free for the masses.

    So what I am saying is to go out and look at the various distros. Read up on their core philosophy so that you know why they exist. Make sure that it is still an active branch and then dive on in.

    Good luck.

    Answered by dmilunus
    2 years ago
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