Home Learn Linux Linux Answers Networking If I switch to Linux from Microsoft (XP) will my current e-mails (on Xtra N.Z.) running on Microsoft Outlook still be ok?
  • Your question is a bit difficult for those of us not in that part of the world.

    Running a search and simply trying the "" address seems to connect to Yahoo.

    If you are getting mail through a Yahoo account there is no problem getting that mail from any web browser.

    There is also no problem getting it through any email client, like Thunderbird, if that is what you want to do.

    Answered by widget
    9 months ago
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  • Xtra uses pop, emails are stored on your PC. You can export folders, contacts etc (useful as backup) I'm not sure if a linux email client can import pst files. Your email address is with xtra, so yes you can still use it under linux. Try thunderbird email client.

    Answered by boost3d
    8 months ago
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  • Hello Neville
    Having recently migrated my mothers XP Outlook account to Thunderbird Ubuntu, here is what I did:
    Install Thunderbird on XP and import the Outlook stuff
    Install the ImportExportTools add on in Thunderbird and use it to export ("export all messages in folder" option) everything (imbox, outbox etc) one by one.
    Export your addresses in Thunderbird addres book.
    Set up your Linux thunderbird with your account and import your mails etc using the ImportExportTools.
    Good luck

    Answered by PaulFokkens
    8 months ago
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