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  • lubuntu uses LXDE desktop openbox and gtk2, meanwhile ubuntu uses unity desktop and gtk3 and is a little heavy than lubuntu

    Answered by emiliouser
    One year ago
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  • Both are officially distributed by Canonical,

    Ubuntu uses the Unity desktop. Lubuntu uses the LXDE Desktop which is more lightweight.

    Answered by arochester
    One year ago
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  • As mentioned above, both distro's are officially distributed by Canonical and both support Ubuntu's large software repository.

    The only really difference is the GUI (Graphical User Interface) seen on the desktop, otherwise known as the desktop environment (DE).

    Ubuntu uses the Unity DE, which is modern but resource heavy. By default, it has very little customization but can be easily tweaked with 3rd-party software. There's a lot of hate towards the Unity DE at this time due to privacy concerns with it's search being integrated into Amazon.

    Lubuntu uses the LXDE DE. It's not nearly as modern looking, featuring a much more classic look, but is also very lightweight and easy on system resources. Due to this, many users choose to use LXDE on low-end or older hardware, such as netbooks.

    Answered by DanJRWalsh
    One year ago
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