Home Learn Linux Linux Answers Desktop I am a Windows Hacker Refugee, which type of Distro (Linux OS) should I install on my HP 64bit AMD Laptop with Windows 8 installed?
  • Trustix Linux. Great Firewall, and overall solid like a stone.

    Answered by linuxking
    One year ago
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  • It all depends, of course.
    What are you going to use it for? Do you want a rolling distribution like Debian, or don't you mind to reinstall every 9 months when a new version comes out? Does it simply have to work out-of-the-box, or do you love to dive deep and do it all your self. I'd recommend to start looking at the top 10 in, and of course, SolydXK ;)

    Answered by Schoelje
    One year ago
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  • For hacking? Well, looking at any distro designed for penetration testing or security, like Kali Linux, would be a good start.

    But if you're truly a hacker, I would take the time to to configure your system to your needs. Install only the packages you desire and such. A distro such as Arch Linux or Gentoo would be good for that.

    Of course, I hope I'm not advising a "Black Hat" hacker.

    Answered by DanJRWalsh
    One year ago
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