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  • There are many alternatives to Ubuntu or Mint for ease-of-use.

    Some popular examples include:
    Elementary OS
    Zorin OS

    Even distro's like openSUSE, while not quite as user friendly as Ubuntu, offers a very polished OS. Depending on the needs of the user, if no additional packages are needed to be installed after the initial installation then the biggest difference would be whichever desktop environment (DE) the distro uses and the theme applied to it (if it's not the default theme). So if you're looking for an alternative to Ubuntu because of the UI, you could use Ubuntu GNOME or Kubuntu.

    It all really depends on the needs of the specific user. I personally use openSUSE (was using Fedora previously and Ubuntu before that), but may switch over to ArchLinux soon.

    Answered by DanJRWalsh
    One year ago
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  • When I have started to use Linux Distro's I started with Mandriva and after PearOS. They are pretty simple to use. Don't forget you can dualboot and access the file you already have on an other partition like windows for exemple.

    Answered by bert_wizard
    One year ago
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  • I dont know about your pc but a very good distro based on debian is crunchbang. If you want eye candy and nice window that move round etc forget it. If you want speed and low battery consumption you will like it a lot , if you want to configure everything unstoppable and make your linux right for your needs you will love it

    Answered by dimnikos72
    12 months ago
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