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  • In almost all cases, linux will work just as well on a laptop as it would on a desktop with similar hardware. In fact, I am using a laptop and Archlinux right now.

    Be warned that sometimes wireless drivers and power options take some finagling.

    Answered by leios
    One year ago
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  • There are many different distributions of Linux available, some specifically designed for limited hardware. Since I do not know what your platform consists of, the best starting point would be at . Additionally, you would want to Google "your laptop model" & Linux to find out what others have been able to accomplish.

    Good luck & have fun!!

    Answered by ejboshinski
    One year ago
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  • Well, assuming you have just an ordinary laptop, then yes, any Linux OS should run just fine. If you have something smaller, like a netbook, or an ultraportable, you may want to choose a lighter OS like Lubuntu. I would also suggest this if your laptop is older, and doesn't run all that well.

    P.S.: I can be maybe a bit more specific if you post your hardware, or model#

    Answered by Ethereal Programmer
    One year ago
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  • of course it can, my computer have two systems now, one of them is Gentoo Linux

    Answered by fwensen
    One year ago
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