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    to be able to use different OS in one computer you need to create partitions, which means sploit your hard disk in several pieces, one for windows (ntfs filesystem), one for linux (ext4 filesystem) , one for data (ntfs filesystem)

    you choose the size for each partition, depending on your needs, but the vital minimum for linux would be 5-10 GB, 30-40 GB with windows 7 , and whatever for data.

    To create patitions, boot on your liveCD or LiveUSB, then use gparted directly from this system to create patitions, you can easily find tutorials on how to do this on the internet. You need primary partitions.

    Then only , start the install of windows 7 (on the ntfs partition) if you want it, and THEN install ubuntu in your ext4 partitions. You can install systems in only one partition (not all the hard drive) with custom install while you areon the steps of the install of the system :)

    Be brave, i was like you someday ago, linux is great !!

    Answered by babaob
    11 months ago
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  • What OS are you using to download the iso file?
    What program are you using to burn the iso to a cd?
    Do you prefer a usb over a cd?
    Will your computer boot from a flash drive as well as a cd?

    Answered by houndhen
    11 months ago
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  • right, it can take lots of practice.

    Here is a install video from Youtube (lots of good instructional videos on
    Youtube)...using a DVD installing to USB flash with Win7 on the laptop: WW

    Answered by specialsystems
    11 months ago
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  • Here's a good guide on how to install Zorin: Your text to link here...
    Where you chose the location to install, you will select the second hard drive and tell it to you the entire disk.
    I've installed it on several desktops and laptops and when you have an OS already installed, it always set up what is called GRUB to manage the booting to either system. At system start time, it will present you a menu and let you choose which OS to boot. Good luck.

    Answered by dday35216
    11 months ago
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