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  • You could try it with Wine. Here is a link to the results for IE under wine from winehq;

    I find it hard to believe that anyone would go to the trouble of installing such a thing on Linux. No one that is not insanely out of touch or simply completely ignorant of internet browsers would use IE under its native Windows.

    It was a well known security hole by, at least, 1998. It is possibly the worst browser in the history of internet browsers.

    It will probably not run as well under wine as under Windows. You would be better off to install Virtual Box and install Windows there.

    The best thing to do is to use any other web browser under Linux or if using Windows for that matter.

    Answered by widget
    2 years ago
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  • Sadly, web developers need to test applications on as many browsers as possible and IE is one of them. I proudly run Linux, since...way back and virtualize windows just so I can test my apps on IE, it would be nice if it could easily run on my Fedora box.

    Answered by hghesteemed
    11 months ago
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  • There are corporations and companies that will only run applications on windows and only IE.
    For example ADP a physician billing service that only runs on IE10.
    On a personal note the entire medical empire is being set up for a catastrophic fail.
    The online billing service above is operating under strict OSHA standards to keep physicians credentials, credit cards, patient information..... you name it.
    And it is all being trusted in the hands of Microsoft internet explorer.
    What a laugh.
    I too proudly operate under linux.

    Answered by slrlinux
    9 months ago
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  • Well I'm sure many of the defects listed re IE are true. I find however that IE has by far the best layout for storing managing and updating podcasts and for this reason I carry out these activities at work on a windows machine but I am away from work for a while...

    Answered by anne100000
    8 months ago
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