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  • go to your bios and change the cd/dvd-drive to first boot device.
    Put the CD? (it is a DVD since years, the Mint on CD is outdated) in the cd/dvd drive, hit [return] on your keyboard and then follow the instructions.

    Answered by Hugh HH
    9 months ago
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  • As we know nothing about your computer the best that can be done is to say that you need to make sure your bios are set to boot from a CD first.

    This can be done by hitting the correct key during the boot process where you computers manufacturers name and logo comes up. Probably this info is in one of the corners of the screen and says something like "setup".

    Setting will be in a section of bios that is tittled something like "boot order". There will be dirrections for editing and saving the edited list.

    Reboot with CD inserted and it should boot right up.

    Have never looked at LM but you will first get a menu screen thatshould give you the choice of booting to a Live Session where you can try it out without changing anything and another to simply install.

    If you go to the Live Session there will be an option there to install also.

    Use one of those install options and follow the directions.

    There is more that could be said but we don't know how you want it installed. Is there something already on there? Do you want to leave that on there? And so forth.

    Answered by widget
    9 months ago
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