Home Learn Linux Linux Answers Desktop I lost my command line in Debian.How do I get it back?
  • Hi Norman - sorry it took a while to get your question posted. I pre-moderate all of the questions and answers submitted and yesterday was a holiday so I didn't get to it until today.

    Answered by LibbyClark
    One year ago
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  • Can you tell us more? What happens? What are you using? Do you mean that you open a Terminal and can't type anything? Or do you mean something else? Please explain.

    Answered by arochester
    One year ago
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  • I've got debian and I thought I have mate for desktop but don't see mate
    in the menu.I'm really lost in linux so far.
    1. could not launch terminal-failed to execute child process"/ect/apt/sources list"
    permission denied.
    2.can not launch "gedit"failed to execute child process"user/share/pixma/gnome
    terminal,xpm"(pearmission denied)
    3. When I click on terminal I get this page.gnome terminal
    their was an error creating the child process for this terminal.
    failed to execute child process"/vmlinux-permission denied.
    4. I can't find the command line in debian.
    This might not be the best information but it's the best I can do.
    Hope you can help

    Answered by jacobi
    One year ago
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  • If you just want command line access, after logging in hold down ++ keys and that should drop you to a console where you can again login to fix stuff.
    ctrl+alt+f1-f6 are usually set up for consoles with f7 having your graphics interface though that may be anywhere between f5 and f8.

    Answered by harv42
    One year ago
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  • I click on system tools,preferences,system settings,system monitors and system
    I have there
    Debian release 7.5(wheezy 32 bit.
    kernal linux 3.20.4-686pae
    Gnome 3.4.2
    memory 438.8 mib
    processor amd athlon(tm)2800+
    available space 65.2ib.
    I thought when I downloaded debian I was getting mate for text editor.Apparently I
    have gnome with I don't know which editor I have.
    What worries me is everthing I put in the root terminal ends up command not found. Denied.
    and it seems I should have a command line in my menu's somewhere.
    How can I get a text editor if I can't use the root terminal?

    Answered by jacobi
    One year ago
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  • Edit previous reply
    If you just want command line access, after logging in hold down ++ keys
    Should read:
    If you just want command line access, after logging in hold down ctrl+alt+f1 keys

    Answered by harv42
    One year ago
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  • To the best of my knowledge, mate is a desktop environment NOT a text editor. Gnome is also a desktop environment.
    If you are in a terminal you are at the command line.
    Try this:
    prefix your command with 'sudo' like so $ sudo yourcommand
    if you get a password prompt type in your user password- the one you log in with
    Type su - at prompt in terminal
    Click [enter]or[return] key
    Enter the root password you should have set up when you installed system. You won't see any output on screen while inputting password.
    Click [enter]or[return] key
    Either you will get incorrect password complaint or prompt will change meaning you are now working as root.

    As far as text editors go you should have at least one of these text editors available to you from command line- nano, pico, joe, vim, or vi.

    Since you have a gui with menus you probably also have access to gui text editors like medit or leafpad.

    Answered by harv42
    One year ago
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