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  • Carla Schroder has an excellent tutorial, designed for users switching from Windows to Linux, on how to install Linux the easiest and safest way. Check it out, here, and feel free to post additional questions here or on that article if you run into problems. Good luck!

    Answered by LibbyClark
    12 months ago
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    Answered by arochester
    12 months ago
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  • download setup.exe and install cdrecord. A short brief of cdrecord would be command-line based CD-R or DVD-R burning application.

    `cdrecord -scanbus` lists cd-writer devices.

    Download a .ISO file of your distribution of choice like:

    Burn the ISO file by replacing wildcard * with filename. The -v switch gives you verbose output.
    `cdrecord -v *.iso`

    or something like if you wish to specify device
    `cdrecord -v dev=1,0,0 *.iso`

    Answered by weedlight
    10 months ago
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