• 1) Linux Mint comes as a LiveCD. You will need to change the Boot Order/BIOS so that it starts from the CD-Rom. At first it will run entirely from your CD-Rom. If the disk is taken out it will be as though it was never there. It will not affect your Hard Drive at all. ...Unless you tell it to install. So you can try it out without installing.

    2) You do not need to wipe the Hard Drive clean. Save anything you want from Vista onto an external Hard Drive. As part of the installation process Linux will re-format and wipe anything on the disk. Be careful! If you have a Recovery Partition and you tell Linux to use all of the Hard Disk it will wipe out Recovery. If you can and want to, make a Recovery CD first.

    3) You can try various distros of Linux first, if you want to and to find out which one you want. Look at and

    Answered by arochester
    11 months ago
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  • Scott, with the little bit older hardware you are running you should have fantastic out of the box driver support. Dell actually sells new laptops with Ubuntu preloaded and supported so on your next hardware refresh you could go that route.

    Until then you are on the right track with a distribution like Linux Mint because it is a touch lighter and will be a little smoother experience than some of the heavier Unity based Ubuntu distributions. That said if Linux Mint doesn't get you going in the talk of Linux replacing XP the Xubuntu 14.04 LTS was released and is getting fantastic reviews. It is much lighter and may offer a nice experience for you while retaining a good level of compatibility with Ubuntu.

    As arochester mentioned there are plenty of ways to try a distribution out and just about all of them have LiveCD's that let you try it out or perform the installation right from them.

    Both Linux Mint or Xubuntu is a smooth installation process and will give you options to keep your Windows installation if you choose or allow you to blow it away.

    Since you are most interested in Linux Mint they have a great guide book that talks about the installation process. Here is a link:

    Answered by timway
    10 months ago
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  • Was just reading a step by step article on how to install Ubuntu 14 and all the software you might need for a desktop replacement. It's a good read.

    Answered by dday35216
    10 months ago
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