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  • Linux doesn't work like Windows, where you have to install various drivers. In Linux many "drivers" are already installed in the Kernel. The two usual differences to this are often Video and/or Wifi where Linux proprietary drives have to be installed. So to cut a long story short, it will probably just work in Linux. The way to test this is to use a Linux LiveCD first. If it works, it works.

    Answered by arochester
    One month ago
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  • I've had great success with Mint and Zorin both as far as drivers go.
    They both worked on one of the hardest laptops (in my opinion) to get to work, the Toshiba. Once Linux was installed all the buttons for web surfinf and dvd playing worked. In fact, better than they did in Windows.

    Try it out an see.

    Answered by dday35216
    One month ago
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  • yes many drivers for hardware are either already embedded in linux and most of them are open source. I have had great success with ubuntu 14.04 supporting wlan, ethernet, bluetooth and mostly all of the component hardware.

    Answered by yashozzy
    One month ago
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