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  • Well, I giving you a little short answer there and you will have to do a little research your self.

    I use a Raspberry Pi (a very little computer) to be my DHCP, DNS and LDAP server. The little computer use only a coupe of watts and is able to service this big task.

    DHCP is a service which give computers connected to my network a unique address.

    DNS will make sure other computers know the name and address of other computers. My computer in the living room is called Andalib and my computer in the bed room is called Elena and one of the servers Basil.
    This makes it easy for me to copy files between them. Else I would have to remember number like and

    LDAP makes it easy for me to connect to the other computers because I only have only have to remember one user name and password for all my computers. I can also use it to connect to email account etc.

    An completely other use of Linux is as a Honey pot. If want it the be easier to catch hackers you can create a computer that looks fairly easy to break into. But you have installed software monitoring the computer and then you know there is intruders.

    For all this you wont need to use a desktop.

    Hope this gave you some ideas :)

    Answered by hhbt
    7 months ago
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