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  • The question is difficult to answer, as there is no information regarding the use of the system. When you installed Linux, it detected the network card, and added the necessary drivers, if available, required to connect to the network as a client. You can then add daemons for any applications for which you wish to be a client or server. While the name and location varies depending on which Desktop you are using, there is an administrative application that tells you what services are running. From the command line, you can run the command: su -c'service --status-all' or sudo service --status-all, on Debian based systems. As a side note, Ubuntu 9.10 does not have a GUI interface that displays service status on the system.

    Answered by billsdesk
    5 years ago
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  • This question is very open because of many unknown variables.

    It depends on the networking protocols (TCP/IP, Appletalk, etc...) you are using, Your chosen Network Medium (Wired, Wireless, Dial-up), the onboard port(S) that are holding the network cards, the network cards used and the network services (firewall, http, dhcp server, routing, etc...) that the computer is hosting.

    The protocol, network medium, onboard ports, network cards and some network services are loaded through the kernel which can be checked using the lsmod command to see all running kernel modules. The other services can be tracked through your distros service management tools or you can reference them along with all other running apps by using the command ps -A

    Answered by mfillpot
    4 years ago
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