Home Learn Linux Linux Answers Audio/Video Is there a media player i can download using dsl with a pc that is less than 800mhz and 512 ram that will let me open my email and other applications?
  • Depends on what type of processor is on that computer. AntiX from Mepis Linux, or Tiny Core Linux will work on older computers with restricted hardware. I'm more familiar with AntiX Linux which I had working on an old IBM Thinkpad i1413. You could add apps and features to it that worked well with e-mail, and being Debian it had access to many media player apps.

    Answered by Goineasy9
    5 years ago
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  • If I'm not mistaken, you are asking this because of the "hardware requirements" listed for the FF flash plugin. There is a difference between a "media player" app and a browser plugin. Emails complicate things even further in that you can have embedded html stuff or separate attachments.

    IOW, if you allow emails in html mode, there can be fancy video and audio that "plays" when you open the email. Same as opening a web page In fact, they both use the same "plugin." Alternatively, email can have "attached" files that are in some video format. These would b viewed using a "media player" app rather than the browser plugin. Some web pages will also let you download video clips, to play via your "media player," rather than viewing them "online" via the plugin.

    So,even the "lite" distros, meant to run on older hardware, have "media players," even if your hardware is insufficient to run the plugins. But they won't let you go on You Tube and view video directly. You have to be able to download the clips and view them with your media player.

    Answered by lewmur
    5 years ago
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