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  • Aren't your user agreements with your carrier? I've seen Debian installed on Nokia phones, but you still need a carrier so you can use the phone. Geez, you remind me of how I felt just before I wiped Windows off of my laptop. :D

    Answered by Goineasy9
    5 years ago
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  • I'm writing this as sarcasm because your request is likely impossible.

    Port Android to the N97 yourself.

    Better answer : Buy an android phone instead.
    FTW : N97 runs the operating system and Symbian is open source software.
    It's just unfortunate that the Symbian foundation charge you to deploy apps on their platform. It's essentially why Symbian, although currently the most popular mobile OS, will loose huge amounts of market share to android over the coming years.
    It's a shame too really, Symbian is mostly written in C++ and that gives it an advantage that I prefer over Linux, which unfortunately is written in C.

    Answered by Zanpaktou
    5 years ago
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  • i know the carrier thing, they just overwrite protocols as "true" "false"(it's a third party company that represent nokia in my country...)
    numbers and id's(basically the "sim" i want to see if they can be put in manually, anyway i know the os+kernel(whatever it's called in a mobile) probably is burned straight on to the phone,so what i was thinking of wiping out what can be discarded and mounting over something from like the debian genre.
    i personally change much of the rules in the phone every time i get it back from a repair,but the security still su*ks and agreement terms in my opinion should be illegal,they intercept all data,view all contacts,and sell all the info for publicity reason's.and then MY friends get Spam!

    Answered by scrutinizer
    5 years ago
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  • GoinEasy9 is right, you can't get a rid of everything when dealing with a telco carrier, you maybe try to switch to a different phone with linux on it (Go Android !)

    Answered by ben
    5 years ago
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  • GionEasy9 is correct. But if you still want to WIPE OUT EVERYTHING then port Android or Meego on your phone :)

    Answered by kunal
    4 years ago
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  • GionEasy9 .. coorect you got it... Linux on it

    Answered by
    4 years ago
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