Home Learn Linux Linux Answers Audio/Video Why does my internet in my Ubuntu is slow? I tried using wired and wi-fi connection but still the same thing. I am using a Neo Basic laptop by the way.
  • Generally Linux based systems use a network optimization algorithm to speed up communication compared to other operating systems. With that being the case I have never experienced any delays in network traffic that were due to a distro running on the system.

    Are you receiving any messages on the status bar of your browser such as connecting to ..., looking up ... or anything else like that.

    If the message is "looking up .." then you computer is having problem talking to the dns server which ties server ip addresses to the domain names you enter into the browser.

    If the message is "Connecting to ..." then the issue is with the server you are trying to access.

    You may also be getting a delay if you are running the Software Center at the same time because it may be calling to the internet for updates.

    Answered by mfillpot
    4 years ago
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