Home Learn Linux Linux Answers Audio/Video A client has asked you to design his website. He wants to be able to update it quite frequently (including different colors and some text). He expects to have a lot of traffic on his site. The catch is that he is currently hosted on a Linux server, bu
  • So I am guessing you want a live update for your client, where he makes the corrections he wants on his website and it automatically overwrites the html file on his apache server? One thing is you can map a network path to the specific file from his PC? Are you inquiring more of a program that does that for him? I know there are some gui fronted web apps for Linux servers ( he can upload his most recent page instead of doing everything from the comand line. Hope that is the answer your looking for, have to do some research.

    Answered by Tony.Ricena
    5 years ago
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  • Install a CMS (content management system) see ([url][/url]) like Drupal or Joomla, they're pretty popular around linux sites, easy to manage, edit and change.
    You're just watching a site ( with a CMS in it , do you like it ?
    Try Joomla or Drupal, they're both popular and powerful

    Hope it helps

    Answered by ben
    5 years ago
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  • To accomplish you goal you can setup the client with ssh or ftp access to the server (you will need to properly secure those ports) and can redevelop the site to be css based to make implementing changes easy. The alternate option which the other have recommended is to set the site up on a cms system so it can be easily updated from within the active pages by authorized users.

    Answered by mfillpot
    5 years ago
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  • The most easy to use CMS platform for frequent publishes is Wordpress. You can install it on any Linux host, install a theme that he likes, install some plugins and last but not least show him how he can use the Dashboard. Its really easy to use, maintain and publish articles enhanced with photos and videos.

    Answered by Cerebrux
    5 years ago
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  • I think the question is not complete. But I guess u need a CMS. I would recommend you using Silverstripe. Its powerfull and very well designed.

    Answered by kunal
    5 years ago
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