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  • xulrunner is used by Firefox and other applications. When you update Firefox (for example), depending on the distro you are using, an accompanying update for xulrunner comes in also. Now, if your updating Firefox (or some other app that uses xulrunner) from somewhere other than your distro's repositories, you have the chance of causing a sort of versionitis when trying to install other programs.
    My advice is to see if you can find a more recent version of chmsee that has the more recent xulrunner for a dependency, or, find out which app brought in the more recent version of xulrunner, and if possible, downgrade the version of that app so the version of xulrunner goes back to 1.9.1.

    Answered by Goineasy9
    5 years ago
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  • Another option might be to get the source code to xulrunner 1.9.1, and to compile it separately, but not install it. Then, when you are compiling chmsee, there should be an option you can pass to .configure to specify the location of xulrunner (try .configure --help). That should cause it to build against and link the correct version of xulrunner. If you can statically link xulrunner then you should be good to go. If it requires that it be dynamically linked, then you can still install xulrunner, but install it to some other directory other than the default (like under /opt or /usr/local) and then let chmsee link against that copy, and let firefox conintue to use 1.9.2 in the default location.

    Answered by gomer
    5 years ago
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  • When I have attempted to install program that relied on xulrunner, I have always had to compile the latest version of xulrunner manually to build the necessary libraries for the app to reference. Depending on how the app was built it could be that it is referencing firefox rather than your installed xulrunner as the others have stated.

    If my understanding of chmsee is correct, that it is used to display man pages in a gui, then you might want to check out konqueror which is a web browser that does the same thing.

    Answered by mfillpot
    5 years ago
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