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    The purpose of installation in the /usr directory is for non-system applications. The location does not mean that they are accessible to anyone, only that is is not a core system application. To determine what is root only you can look in the /sbin and /usr/sbin directories.

    Answered by mfillpot
    5 years ago
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  • /usr directory contains all the user specific programs.It contains the information about the all system user.Created by the System administrator.

    Answered by ak kumar
    5 years ago
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  • the directory /usr is only for the system in the linux,
    with this directory we can manage all program in linux
    like if you wanna change the icon you need to change in the directory
    /usr/share/icon .. i hope it will help you brother,..:D

    Answered by
    5 years ago
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  • /usr is a system directory, see the discussion on /etc vs /usr for more info at

    It's the search path environment variable PATH that makes programs from various directories available to users. Typical PATH entries include /bin /usr/bin /sbin /usr/sbin /usr/local/bin /opt/SOMEPKG/bin /usr/games $HOME/bin and so on.

    Every post above this one is, sadly, wrong.

    - /usr is the primary directory for system applications
    - /usr does not contain all the user-specific programs (it's neither specifically user-oriented nor specific to individual users)
    - /usr contains no information about system users.
    - /usr is not created by the sysadmin
    - it's not recommended to change icons in /usr/share/icon rather than in a per-user configuration in a user's home directory.

    Local additions to the installed programs are often put in /usr/local by the sysadmin if not preconfigured installable is available (say through apt-get or yum).

    Answered by erlkonig
    4 years ago
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