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  • You'd like to use this DLL with a Windows program under Linux ? maybe You've to take a look at WINE and use it from there, this is a generic reply for a generic question, if you want to explain something about it a little bit more deeper I'm glad to focus my replies to it. On Linux there're wrappers for windows compiled binaries around but it could be nice to know what this DLL does and what kind of program should be able to use it

    Answered by ben
    4 years ago
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  • As Andrea mentioned: WINE

    From its webpage:
    "Wine lets you run Windows software on other operating systems. With Wine, you can install and run these applications just like you would in Windows."

    Answered by marc
    4 years ago
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  • " Is it possible to call this dll file and its functions when running any application requires it under Linux and how? "
    I don't think so, a linux native application needs dll . If any application that you are running via emulator [ like WINE ], and if that app needs dll lib, the Emulator will take care of that .
    And I can not able to figure it out, why this is under Embedded/Mobile section

    Answered by chekkizhar
    4 years ago
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  • As fas as my knowledge, there r 2 ways.... one is free SW like Wine and another is by cost like Crossover. Of course, the 2nd one is more reliable than free like wine. But the 1st one also helps to run Windows applications or related exe / dll files. Practically, I also use Wine to run an old VB program and this wine helps run it smoothly. Obviously, Crossover is better choice than wine.

    Answered by rechil_colin
    4 years ago
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