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  • A touch screen is just a pointing device like a mouse, you can use it as a replacement of a common mouse in every OS around, even the oldest ones, I've seen my first touch screen pointing device in an IBM machine equipped with AIX in a production plant many years ago...
    There's no direct support for it in the operating system, there's some sort of driver that aims to replace a common mouse.
    XWindow systems (no matter about the OS) had it from the beginning ('70s).

    But, if you're focused on gestures it's a totally different thing, I guess gestures where firstly introduced under XWindow for supporting some operations (as Drag'n'drop for example), later on more operation where available (scroll, pinch, ...) on hand held devices (Newton, PalmOS, ...) and desktop OSes (OS-X, Win, ...); but absolutely a lot of years before 2007 !

    Answered by ben
    4 years ago
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  • EGalax touchscreen drivers are easy to install on any Linux OS, see:
    Remember, most of the newer Linux kernel such as 2.6.30 are today available in the market with touch screen compatibility. One advantage of using touch screen on Linux is latest Linux already comes with a highly efficient support, especially for multi-touch screens. A touch screen on Linux systems helps to juggle between schedules, work with tables and slides, push your charts around and so on....
    If however the installation seems difficult, you can search for detailed installation guides from the touch screen manufacturers' website or even from the official Linux sites. Installing a touch screen on Linux operating systems is never a problem in most cases though in current scenario.

    Answered by rechil_colin
    4 years ago
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