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  • I haven't seen any automated way to do this, perhaps someone else has, but here's an idea. I've never done this, personally, but it should be possible to do it this way, even if it sounds a bit convoluted:

    Install the xen guest kernel on the bare-metal system, so that it will be available to boot to when you get it over to the VM

    Make an image of the partitions on the bare-metal system using dd or any of the other cloning tools to a network accessible filesystem. (sshfs, nfs, whatever)

    Setup your VM, making sure that you have adequate space on the virtual disk for the partitions from the bare-metal system

    Boot the VM off of a live CD iso with the required tools to re-create the partitions from the images you created.

    Mount the remote filesystem where you saved the images.

    Write the images to the VM's "disk"

    Answered by isaac
    6 years ago
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  • Few tools around for making these tasks, none of them work for each thing, if you've your customized server with your own installation it's better to be scared by standard tools.
    Here's want I'll do if I'm in your shoes:
    - Install your debian server, customize it and install XEN as you normally do
    - Create your virtual appliances inside XEN and prepare them for the boot
    - Use clonezilla ( or similar tools to clone your machines, clonezilla and this category of tools doesn't care about virtual/physical machines, they simply clone your machine

    Then you've your own cloned machine as virtual, some more thoughts about it:
    - I personally use clonezilla because I'm happy with it, it's a suite of clone application, you can use whatever you want (personally I prefer UDP Cast, it simply rocks)
    - If you don't want to install packages inside your existent or new Centos server you can simply boot these servers with clonezilla live cds, they simply need to clone them with UDPCast
    - As the name says, UDPCast floods your disk in your net in UDP packets, use it in a private net (not the corporate one) if you want to leave, when you start flooding you'll run into troubles if you need the network for something else

    Hope it helps

    Answered by ben
    6 years ago
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  • You might want to look at the following


    Answered by didar
    6 years ago
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  • Try this:

    Answered by kunal
    5 years ago
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