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  • You don't need to do anything but click the "Network" icon in the panel and then "Enable Networking" and "Enable Wireless". You should then see a list of the wireless networks detected. If there is no "Enable Wireless" option when you click the "Network" icon, then look in the "Control Center" under "System" for "Wireless Netorking". There is no need to "type" stuff in a terminal with most Linux distros today.

    Answered by lewmur
    4 years ago
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  • Hi Mike,
    Pity about the formatting- try putting the output into code brackets.

    You've got wireless. If I read the output correctly, though, you seem to have two wireless network interfaces.
    What does

    say? And (at a guess) what's the output of
    sudo rfkill list

    If you've got a block on the wireless, it could be a problem. There was a bit of noise a while back about some laptops where the wireless could be turned off in Windows in a way that meant that you couldn't turn it back on in Linux.


    Answered by Ian_Martin
    4 years ago
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