Home Learn Linux Linux Answers Netbooks I have a Netbook with Windows XP it is completely corrupted I can't even use it. How do I install Linux on it?
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    First, does your netbook support memory sticks or SDHC cards; if not then I suggest you borrow or buy a flash drive. Second, hopefully you have another computer or know someone who does. There are a number of live linux distributions you can try, the big ones being Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint and Knoppix; just do a quick online search for live linux. There will be instructions on how to install them to a USB drive. I suggest either Ubuntu or Fedora, they both have a Windows version of a USB installer program. Use that to install to the flash drive/portable device.

    Answered by cpuobsessed
    3 years ago
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  • Hi,
    It depends :)
    You'll have to make yourself an install medium- and without knowing what media your netbook will boot off it's impossible to answer the question. When you turn it on, go into the BIOS and see what the options for first boot media are; that'll tell you whether it's worth creating a SD install, for instance.
    I assume you haven't installed Linux on anything until now; your best options are (open to argument, but IMHO) either Ubuntu, Linux Mint or Fedora. I use Mint. If you go to their home pages there's plenty of documentation on installation.


    Answered by Ian_Martin
    3 years ago
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  • Generally, any modern Linux distro allows to format HDD and install the same during installation. U can use SuSE / Red hat for this purpose. Other Linux flavors also do the same. If the HDD has probs, then go for Knoppix / System Rescue Cd (SysResCD) for the same purpose.

    Answered by rechil_colin
    3 years ago
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  • The easiest way would be to borrow or buy an externel opticial drive and boot a CD from that. If you restore windows (depending on your netbook) you can use the Debian installer you can also use wubi (the ubuntu version) from inside of windows. As for SDHC card check out the SD bootable wiki here.
    Good Luck

    Answered by Mythdc
    3 years ago
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  • The procedure is basically routine if the existing hard drive is okay; if not, replace it with a new blank hard disk. Here's my procedure for installing Linux Mint 11:
    First you'll need another computer with a CD-RW that can burn a CD-R and connect to the Internet.
    Next visit: and download Linux Mint 11 to that computer. (about 700MB)
    Next burn the disk as an iso disk. (name at the end of the burn must contain one file with extension .iso (may take a few tries) When done, remove the CD-R.
    Next connect up an external USB CD-RW to the netbook if it doesn't have a CD player and insert the CD-R you made. (Office stores sell them for about $30 USD)
    Restart the computer with the CD-R in the drive and choose F12 or similar to cause a boot choice menu. Pick the CD-RW player with the arrow keys and select it.
    Boot from the CD-R and install Linux Mint. With a bit of luck all will go well and your computer is usable again. Be sure to get the updates.
    Best regards, Dave (

    Answered by madmod
    3 years ago
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  • You can netboot it. This involves feeding an iso image to the netbook via ethernet. A very tricky process.

    Thats a very technical document. If you want easier instructions then use google.

    Answered by tcurich
    3 years ago
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