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  • Hi Sharon,

    I am not sure to know how to remove the leftovers from Wubi. Maybe could you try CCleaner. It does not have a Free license, however it is free of charge and known to be a good program for cleaning out Windows systems (Seven as well). It is fairly easy to use. (Get it directly from the official CCleaner site, to be sure to get the last version).

    For Wubi : I suggest you don't try to use it again. My opinion has always be that it is not a very good idea to install a Linux system inside Windows this way.

    However, if your machine is powerful enough for that, you could use a virtual machine : for example, you could install Virtualbox, then install a Linux distribution into Virtualbox. This will not affect the main system, as it will look like an install, but really will use a file dedicated to act as a hard drive. (I do that often under Linux, and some also install Linux boxes into Mac throught a Virtual machine).

    Else, I suggest you do your tests on a separate machine, so you won't fear to damage your day to day system.

    Once you will be more advanced, you could consider doing a backup of your precious personal datas on usb hard drive, or usb stick, then use some program to have a safe copy of your Windows system : then shrink it to make space for a Linux box booting beside ?


    Answered by melodie
    4 years ago
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