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  • "recover it" ?
    Any improper shutdown of application or OS happened?
    1. you can use option to save file as compatible with MS-Doc , which can be found in save dialog box.
    2. Always take some backup for important data .

    Answered by chekkizhar
    3 years ago
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  • Save As (not Save) the document with different name with its appropriate / default extension(.odt) & close it. Now again reopen the file in libre-writer and Save As word extension like .doc close it. Reopen the same file and see if any change ! Also u can change the options for work smooth in future.... Tools > Options > Load / Save > Microsoft Office and make tick marks for all the items.

    Answered by rechil_colin
    3 years ago
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  • When you save the file (File -> Save As), make sure to choose Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP/2003(doc) or Microsoft Word 2007/2010 XML (docx), otherwise it saves in Open. The formatting of your document will most likely need to be redone. It is best to use the same program for best compatibility, especially if it's important.

    Answered by dewc
    3 years ago
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  • Did you save it as a MS office document?
    If you did I can't help you. If you saved it as something else you can prevent that by following these directions.
    Saving Documents in Other Formats
    1. Choose File - Save as. You will see the Save as dialog.
    2. In the Save as type or File type list box, select the desired format.
    3. Enter a name in the File name box and click Save.
    If you want the file dialogs to offer another file format as default, select that format in Tools - Options - Load/Save - General in the Default file format area.

    Listed under Help in LibreOffice

    Answered by Meanoldveteran
    3 years ago
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  • Libreoffice is not compatible with World because of MS-offices closed forma which MS wants to keep as hard to read/write with other programs as possible.

    Answered by jaska
    3 years ago
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  • It's not compatible because it's a different program. Compatibility is only partial thanks to MS not using and open standard protocol.

    You'll have to use Word to open the file

    Answered by marc
    3 years ago
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  • without knowing the required information in order to give an answer , there is no answer .
    things like
    1) what version of Microsoft were you using ?
    2) what version of OpenOffice were you using ?
    3) what format was this " unknown" document saved as ?
    what did MS office save it as ?
    ( i am guessing that MS office was used in the first place )
    What formatting was used in making this document in the first place?

    when i went to open it from my flash drive on my macbook

    so you copied it to a flash thumb drive .
    HOW ?
    what format was this flash drive?
    was it mounted and unmounted correctly ?

    Answered by johnvanvliet
    3 years ago
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  • For certain I cannot explain everything about what happened, but I can to explain parts.

    The fact that your Mac opened your file as a text document rather than directly launching lowriter (libreoffice writer) suggests that during installation it did not properly register file associations. Launching lowriter then saying File -> Open should still have worked.

    When libreoffice (or openoffice) launches file recovery, it usually means one of two things. The file on the disk could have become corrupt. But, usually it means that the program was closed before the file was saved. Launching writer then immediately tells you that there are files that need recovered. If it was saved first, it would not launch any recovery tool until the file was opened.

    Recent documents is just a list of files you opened, just as in any other program. I doubt it matters if the file was able to open correcetly or not, once you attempt to open, it's on the list.

    Again, I can't say specifically what happened in your case. What I can add is that I have not had the same problems myself; I've found that openoffice and now libreoffice are incredibly good at recovering documents and, from what I've seen, they error on the side of ensuring documets are able to be recovered --meaning from time to time I've seen recovery come up when that file for sure had been saved. Personally and professionally, I've used openoffice/libreoffice for many years and don't recall losing any files or having them rendered unopenable and the only problems I've witenessed while opening files has been during loading docx format, and then it's usually been formatting or "extras" that do not load properly.

    The title of your question does not at all reflect the content of your question or experiences you shared with us. The only reference to "word" you gave was when you said your file opened as text rather than a document, which you called "word document" and then saying it couldn't "convert to word." If libreoffice didn't load it as a formatted document, the file is likely corrupt and in that case, likely wouldn't correctly load in any word processor. Converting "to word" to me implies save as doc, which would be a whole other issue and not one I've seen fail when using "save as doc" but has coverted incorrectly me for at times if I tried to save as docx. If you stick to doc format, you should have much greater success.

    I would try removing your libreoffice install and getting a new download. I've used the product mostly on Linux but also on Mac and Windows. File associations for one should definitely work and if they don't something during installation failed or else was later changed.

    Answered by tdr
    3 years ago
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  • You have stored it in odt format probably. If you store some document, you must do it in doc format.

    Answered by 012345JOsh
    3 years ago
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  • By default Libreoffice will save as an .odt i.e. the Open Document Format initiated with open office's debut.
    To save as a word compatible format you will need to save as a ".doc" file i.e. Office 97-2003 document.
    The same is the case with the other Libreoffice apps too. Do note that the .odt file gives the option to save with a password so adds a , albeit thin, degree of security.
    The choice to move to the MS Office format is preferred since it is more universally applicable.
    Do remember that due to partial standards compliance with the .doc and .docx formats there will be a difference between the layout as per libreoffice and as per MS Office.
    To remedy the same it is better to share a final version as a PDF for which libreoffice has a ready button(requires an addon to be installed in MS Office to do the same or additional software like Primopdf).
    support for .doc and .docx formats is one of the improvements we can look forward to in LibreOffice 3.5 expected to release soon as per this article.

    Answered by dreamtrip
    3 years ago
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