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How to Install Linux

 Install Linux tutorialAre you ready to try out a Linux distribution for the first time? In this introductory Linux training video tutorial, Darren Siaw walks you through step by step in installing Ubuntu Linux in a virtual machine using VirtualBox.

Using virtual machines is a great way to try out new and different Linux distributions. This presentation will show you how to set up a new instance of a virtual machine, configure it and then install a Linux distribution. For a more detailed understanding of how Linux works, check out the 4-day Introduction to Linux (LF202) course.

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  • Mohamadreza Rezaei Said:

    Are an user in my Location Sensor Finder Places Asia Middle East Iran NORTH MazandaranMet Amolaunch, able to Using Linux to Our Language Country Persian or Farsi for better Underestand?

  • mo Said:

    most likely cuz it gives you a list of languages to chose from

  • Faisal Aslam Said:

    I think installing Ubuntu is not a hard work. I created a very simple distribution from and when I tried to install it it was all command line. I need to learn that way of installing Linux on computer.

  • Robin Said:

    Hi Linux I haven't received any newsletter for a while, any chance of posting me onepls. I really want to partition my laptop with linux cinnamon 15 Olive from what I've heard it's a good all rounder for someone who wants a reliable, simple, user friendly operating system that will serve all the needs of someone who isn't a geek is that the case? Or should I be using a different version of Linux, could you advise me please? Also im vert acares of getting it wrong when I attempt this aa when I look for advice on the net ans utube I'm becoming overwhelmed by information overload I've been told to try uaing torrents yet ive ended up when trying to download u torrent getting infected with malware s such as delta, babyloan and once a real may piece that crashed my pc and took two days for me to remove, it almost killed my laptop and freaked me right out. Would you be able to help me by advising me the safest way for me to install Lenox mint while still creating a partition leaving 1 GB of the dreadful windows 8 ago I don't totally jeopardise my warranty on my Toshiba laptop. My cyber life haa been hell right from the first day I turned it on because of Microsoft with having to learn how to get through the teething problems of windows 8 and I'm so looking forward to the day when I'm using your operating systems even though I have never had the opportunity to even try it out.But it sounds great if you could help me I would be so grateful. Also if you could use a different email address when you get back to me it would make life much easier as I have festival problems using this one due to the password having to be reaset every 5 min due to googles unpractical second step security measures that I inadvertently chose therefore could you nake a slight change when returning my email by contacting me by sending it to my new one Thanks for taking the time to read the cross I bear. byeeebyeeeee Robin

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