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Tech Tip: Extract Pages From a PDF

There are a number of ways to extract a range of pages from a PDF file: there are PDF related toolkits for doing it, or you can use Ghostscript directly.
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Remote Helpdesk on Linux With GNU Screen

screen is a very useful program which in effect gives you multiple console screens in the same window.
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Authenticate to Active Directory with Ubuntu

While Linux is a fantastic operating system, when it comes to user rights management, Active Directory is far superior than anything Linux currently implements.

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Copy Your Linux Install to a Different Partition or Drive

If you need to move your Linux installation to a different hard drive or partition (and keep it working) and your distro uses grub this tech tip is what you need.
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Using Bash History More Efficiently

If you've used bash for a while you probably know that the commands you enter are saved in the file ~/.bash_history when you log out.
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