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1 Choosing the Right Platform for Trusted Cross-Platform Information Sharing
A trusted Linux operating system (OS), running cross-domain applications, is a reliable way to meet these challenges. And it’s one of the few solutions that are open and affordable. Today, that solution is delivered by the alliance of Trusted Computer Solutions (TCS), Red Hat, and IBM. TCS provides key pieces of the accredited cross-domain applications that run on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 trusted OS, which, in turn, runs on IBM hardware platforms.
2 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 IO Tuning Guide
The Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 I/O Tuning Guide presents the basic principles of performance analysis and tuning for the I/O subsystem. This document also provides techniques for troubleshooting performance issues for the I/O subsystem.
3 Red Hat: Power Management Guide
This document explains how to manage power consumption on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 systems effectively. The following sections discuss different techniques that lower power consumption (for both server and laptop), and how each technique affects the overall performance of your system.
4 Swisscom IT Services Implements Simply Managed Linux (SIMLUX) with Red Hat and JBoss Solutions
Under the name “Simply Managed Linux” (SIMLUX), Swisscom decided to work with Red Hat to develop a highly flexible and effective infrastructure for its data centres.
5 The Role of Linux Servers and Commercial Workloads
Increasingly, deployments of the Linux server operating system are expanding from infrastructure-oriented workloads to more commercially-oriented workloads such as database, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and other general business processing, workloads that historically have been the domain of Microsoft Windows and Unix. Where once Linux was seen by customers primarily as a low-cost infrastructure solution, it is now increasingly viewed as a solution for wider and more critical business deployments.
6 Value Proposition for IBM Power Systems as Database Server in Midsize Companies
Five years ago, clear distinctions could be drawn between the IT challenges facing large and midsize companies. But this is no longer the case. Increasingly, midsize businesses are deploying sophisticated solutions such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and business intelligence (BI) systems to increase competitiveness and improve operational efficiency. How will these challenges be met?

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