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How to Extend the Capability of a Linux File Manager

Let's dive into a few of the more popular file managers and see just how we can extend their feature sets.

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Sharded Deployments with MongoDB and Brooklyn, a Framework for Scaling

The New Stack: The nature of distributed architecture requires the user to think through how apps and services may run across multiple cloud services and data centers. Apps are one thing, but running a database in these types of environments carries a different level of complexity. 

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Checking Last Logins with lastlog Command

How would you like an easy way to determine the last login date for everyone on your system and prepare a list of those accounts that have never logged in at all? If you don’t know the lastlog command, you might be delighted with how easily it can provide this kind of information.

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How to Configure Your Dev Machine to Work From Anywhere (Part 3)

In the previous articles, I talked about my mobile setup and how I'm able to continue working on the go. In this final installment, I'll talk about how to securely install and configure the software I'm using. 

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Build Your Own Linux Distro

Linux Voice: Do you have a favourite distro that you’ve spent hours customising? Mayank Sharma shows you how you can spin it into a live distro that you can pass to friends, family, or even on to DistroWatch!

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