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What is a Good File Manager for Linux?

One of must-have utilities on Linux desktop is file manager (or file browser). A typical file manager can not only handle common file management operations, but also offer advanced functionality that differentiates itself with others. If you are not happy with a default file manager that comes with the Linux...

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How to Visualize Disk Usage on Linux

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This age-old saying applies to disk usage as well. As your Linux system becomes old, chances are that you start to run out of the disk space. Visualizing disk usage can help you in this case with understanding how the overall...

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More OpenStack Training and Certification Resources Arrive

OpenStack, the much discussed open source cloud platform, is emerging as a generator of a lot of top tech jobs. If you have OpenStack skills, you can work for big companies doing cloud deployments or startups focusing on OpenStack managed services. 

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10 SCP Commands to Transfer Files/Folders in Linux

Linux administrators should be familiar with CLI environment. Since GUI mode in Linux servers is not a commonly installed. SSH may be the most popular protocol to enable Linux administrators to manage the servers via remote in secure way. Built-in with SSH command there is SCP command. SCP is...

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Put a Talking Cow in Your Linux Message of the Day

Jazz up your Linux MOTD, Message of the Day, with some simple scripting. Wouldn't you prefer to have a talking cow deliver a different fortune when you login, for example?

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