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How to Access ssh Terminal in Web Browser on Linux

Running “everything” in a web browser used to be a bold statement. However, due to the powerful HTML5/JavaScript stack, a web browser increasingly becomes a dominant application delivery platform. Even the Linux kernel sandboxed in a web browser no longer sounds so crazy these days. In this tutorial, I describe...

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How To Build Your Virtualized Datacenter Using Open Source, Linux, KVM and Xen, Part 2

Previously, I gave you an overview of ConVirt Open Source, who’s using it and why. Today, I’ll  give specific guidance on using Convirt Open Source, which offers an open source, agent-less lifecycle management solution that works for both KVM and Xen. In addition, I’ll touch on some of the advanced automation capabilities which are available in ConVirt’s commercial (e.g. paid for) version as well.

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How To Build Your Virtualized Datacenter Using Open Source, Linux, KVM and Xen, Part 1

In part one of this two part series on how to use open source ConVirt to manage virtual machines, guest contributor Jaydeep Marfatia, founder of Convirture, gives a brief overview of ConVirt, who should use it and why. Next week he'll go into more depth about how to install and configure ConVirt.

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How to Access Dropbox From the Command Line in Linux

Cloud storage is everywhere in today’s multi-device environment where people want to access content across multiple devices wherever they go. Dropbox is the most widely used cloud storage service due to its elegant UI and flawless multi-platform compatibility. There are numerous official or unofficial Dropbox clients available on multiple platforms.

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Android App Development for Beginners: Layout and UI Options, Part Two

Following on from last month's tutorial on the basics of layout, and in particular LinearLayout, in this tutorial we'll look at RelativeLayout, and at how you can reuse layouts easily with theinclude directive. Getting a firm grip on how Android layout works is a big help towards making your beginner app into something that looks good and has great UI. Check out last month's tutorial for the basics of XML and resource management if there's anything here you don't recognise. We'll reuse the basic code structure from that tutorial.

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