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Using the New GUID Partition Table in Linux (Goodbye Ancient MBR)

The creaky old MS-DOS bootloader and partition table is overdue for retirement. Use GPT instead.

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How To Upgrade From Fedora 18 To Fedora 19 With FedUp (Desktop & Server)

This article describes how you can upgrade your Fedora 18 system to Fedora 19 with the help of the Fedora Updater (FedUp). The upgrade procedure works for both desktop and server installations.

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Command Line Web Browsing with Lynx and Links Tools

For some people around the globe, a web browser that render text along with graphics is important since it gives an easy to use and attractive interface, glossy look, nice visibility, easy navigation, and after all click-initiated control. On the other hand there exist some people who want a web...

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Android App Development: How to Capture Video

In previous tutorials we looked at writing code to access the onboard camera, preview the display, and save an image. Many Android device cameras will also capture video, but the code to manage this needs to be a little more complicated.

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Sailing Through The World of Linux BASH Scripting – Part III

The Previous following articles of ‘Shell Scripting‘ series were highly appreciated and hence I am writing this article to extend the never ending process of learning. Understand Basic Linux Shell Scripting Language Tips – Part I 5 Shell Scripts for Linux Newbies to Learn Shell... [[ This is a content...

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